Food & Drink

Our local area that is one of the best destinations for produce, food and drink in the country, with excellent options for dining nearby, and we have many award winning local suppliers and shops to find the highest quality produce and ingredients. We have many special dining facilities throughout our estate, dedicated barbecue areas and firepits, and – most importantly – there are 8 different, fully fitted, high end kitchens, giving any group staying here many options to cook for themselves, or to be cooked for as much as required.

In The Local Area

Hurst Green

Local Shops

New House Farm is surrounded by innovative farm shops, smokeries, vineyards and a wide array of thriving pubs serving wonderful food. We are also less than 10 minutes from a newly opened Waitrose in Hawkhurst, but you’d drive past some of the most innovative, fresh, and mainly locally sourced produce in the area on the way.

The Bell Pub

Local Pubs & Restaurants

Here are a few pubs we recommend – to name just a few of the closest. These are all high quality, traditional pubs with a strong emphasis on locally sourced, excellently prepared food, great ales and fine wines.

  • The Bell at Ticehurst – the multi award winning local pub with incredible food and a unique style and charm
  • The Small Holding in Kilndown (and their sister restaurant “The Curlew” even closer, in Bodiam)
  • The Bull Inn at Three Legged Cross, Ticehurst
  • The Great House in Hawkhurst
  • The Old Vine in Lamberhurst
  • The Crown in Hastings gets a special mention  as an Observer Food Monthly pub of the year

At New House Farm

New House Farm Catering & Dining

We are surrounded by lush pasture, wild woods and some of the finest fruit farms which give up their goodness season after season, and we love to share it and enjoy it as we do. Using local produce is key to us, of course is very much dictated by the season when you come and stay here in the High Weald but there’s always something going on. Getting close to animals, the soil, the trees and drawing in the very distinctive smells as each season comes around is part of what we love, and we’d like visitors to experience and take away as memories of their stay.

Cooking at New House Farm reflects where we live – rustic, natural, simple and healthy. In essence, good, nutritious food sourced locally, cooked well. We resist having a set format as we’ve found that all our guests’ requirements often differ.

Our cooking style can be as traditional or informal as you like, whether inside or out. It all begins with a conversation with our chefs, so to begin the preparations for a memorable dining experience, please contact us.



Private Chefs & Nutrition Retreats

The Long Barn’s grand hall has the space and facilities for nights of memorable dining, with a kitchen set up to cater for all resident guests.

We also host courses dedicated to nutrition and diet, covering many types of cooking, from retreats dedicated to plant based cooking and ayurveda diets, to smoking and curing, whilst always keeping a focus on local, seasonal produce.

With 2 large kitchens having the capacity for all guests, as well as  space for cooking demonstrations, we are an ideal location to host a private feast, a cookery course or a residential nutritional retreat.

If you’d like to discuss ideas or anything to do with catering – cooking, local produce, local farming, host a cooking or nutrition based retreat, or maybe just the wildlife – then we’d be delighted to help. To link you up with our dedicated cook, foodie, forager and local produce champion, simply contact us with any catering enquiries you have.

Holistic Spa Treatments

Holistic Spa Treatments At New House Farm

Treatments can take place in the comfort of your accommodation, or larger group bookings can allocate a dedicated treatment room for the duration of their stay.

Please let us know about any allergies or health issues you may have. All treatments are to be paid in full when booking. Treatments cancelled with 48 hours are non refundable

Please contact us for any treatment requirements you have.

New House Farm Country Retreat


“The Hardback” Top to Toe Treatment” The “War and Peace” of massage – Two hours of indulgence!

Starting with an invigorating and exfoliating body brush and moving to a calming and balancing Reiki healing, then on to our signature top to toe massage starting gently then addressing the deeper tissue and culminating with muscle relaxing facial techniques, eventually floating you into the final balancing stage, hopefully leaving your worries and stress behind…

120 mins – £180

“The Paperback” Full Body Massage

An 80 minute full body massage that really is full body. From top to toe, you can decide if you prefer deep tissue or feather soft or anywhere in-between, using organic hand poured essential oils and including elements of Reiki, Ko Bi Do and Balinese massage.

80 mins – £140

“The Short Story” Full Body Massage
No time for the epic novel? Try the Readers Digest version.

We all have our aches and pains that demand attention; this bespoke massage is tailored to your liking. Head neck and shoulder, or the full fifty minutes on your back, legs or even little finger – the choice is yours! Let us know your preference and we are happy to oblige.

80 mins – £140

“What to expect when you’re expecting” Full Body Massage


Whether this is your first or twenty first, new mummies need to take some time to relax and prepare mentally and physically for their new delivery. With all your senses heightened by the bump and lots of changes in your body and hormones it’s a wonderful time to enjoy a treatment together. We know how fabulous it is to be pregnant but if you’re in that “green” stage our “Vom Be Gone” range will help to relieve your sickness, gently and safely.

We love helping mummies with their aches and pains and delight in connecting and relaxing you and baby. Your treatment will be calming and gentle and include a full body and face massage along with Reiki healing for both mummy and baby, and can cater for the tiniest to most mammoth of bumps comfortably. P.S. Sob away ladies we totally get it xxxx

80 mins – £140

“Pop Up Book” Post Pregnancy Treatment
It might be a borderline perilous understatement to say that you are tired and a little emotional right now, so let us look after you for an hour or two and send you back to the family new and refreshed, all be it ready for another set of night feeds…

We will help you to sleep and calm your mind for a while, so you and baby will be happier as mummy is relaxed after her treatment. Tell us what you need or just let us take charge for this moment the choice is totally yours.
Allow us to unfold you back to standing tall, ready to fend off more “is he sleeping through the night yet?” comments.

P.S. If you’re breast feeding or just cannot bear to leave baby we will be delighted to include them.

60-120 mins – £100 – £180

“The Trust” Oncology Safe Treatment
We have our very own product line developed specifically for people undergoing traditional cancer treatments such as chemo, radio and hormone therapies.

With this in mind it is scent free as some side effects make familiar things smell ‘different’ at best, unpleasant at worst. Your treatment is tailored to your personal situation, the massage gentle, healing and relaxing.
If your constitution is up to it, we can include one of our aromatherapy based boosting serums; ‘Vom Be Gone’, ‘Itch Away’ or ‘Smell Me Happy’ which do exactly what they say on the tin.

This part of your life’s journey is most likely causing you stress, anxiety, possible headaches and pain. Our massage will endeavour to relieve some, or all, of these symptoms and allow you some much needed “you time”

Enabling you, we hope to leave you feeling positive about the future and more calm of mind. 80 mins – £140

Please contact us for any treatment requirements you have.


“The Novel”
Our facial is derived from the ancient finger walking and muscle stimulation technique of Ko Bi Do, dating back to the 14th Century and favoured by Japanese empresses.

Ko Bi Do’s goal is to produce immediate lifting results through the incorporation of Shiatsu movements, lymphatic drainage techniques to remove toxins and therapeutic massage, to stimulate the facial nerves and improve blood flow, like an exercise for the face, relaxing the muscles and in turn relaxing the wrinkles, giving smoother and younger looking skin.

The products used are all hand poured, organic and individually made for your particular needs. You will also receive a gift of your bespoke serum to continue the treatment at home.

50-80 mins – £96 – £140

“Spot The Difference” – Acne Treatment

Acne is no joke and when it hits, no matter what your age it can be very upsetting. Dependant on what is going on, we will offer a microdermabrasion treatment course close together to remove the inclusions with skincare, dietary and supplement advise.

60 mins – £115
Course of 10 for £1,035

Please contact us for any treatment requirements you have.

Body Treatments

“The Dirty Book” Mud Detox Treatment

Don’t panic we’re not going to fifty shades you!

The dirt in question here is our very own formulation of Black Mud, French Clay, Volcanic Ash and Seaweed.
This is a luxurious mud treatment for the whole body starting with a full body brush to invigorate the area and remove dead skin cells, then followed by an application of our mud mix, cover to cover full, of essential minerals that naturally detoxify and purify the skin; improving circulation and relaxing tired and aching muscles

Next chapter, the shower to rinse off and clean, then return for a full body application of warm aromatherapy infused Monoi oil. Who needs a Mr Grey…

120 mins – £180

“Smooth Operator” Cellulite Treatments
A full body salt scrub working lymphatically will help filter toxins naturally then once you have showered off relax on the bed whilst your therapist applies an invigorating body mask to encourage those fat cells to let go and detox to finish. A detoxing tea will be served and you will be given some to take home to keep up the good work …

120 mins – £180

Please contact us for any treatment requirements you have.


“The Travel Journal” – Chakra Treatment
This powerful spiritual treatment involves the laying on of crystals, hands and dousing to help remove any blockages or suppressed energies allowing the chakra wheels to spin correctly and for you to travel forward with your life happier and calmer, having energetically let go of what may have been holding you back. A very relaxing treatment that can be an emotional journey worth recording

60 mins – £115 book now

“The Guide Book” Angel Card Readings
Angel card readings are a little like tarot cards but without all the hanging men and apparent doom etc…

They are an excellent tool to get to the root of a persons issues in a light hearted way and encourage discussion on how to address and resolve them, whilst offering advice and positive words of wisdom for insight.

30 mins – £63

“Reiki Healing” Reiki
Reiki healing is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing in the body and mind.

It is administered by ‘laying on hands’ and is based on the idea that an unseen ‘life force energy’ flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s ‘life force energy’ is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. It feels different person to person, most feel a heat or electrical fuzzy feeling and all feel wonderful after a treatment… far more Zen and able to take on the world.

60 mins – £115

“Intuitive Healing” Healing
Intuitive healing is an alternative practice that relies on the use of the five senses to locate and correct imbalances in the energy flow within the body.

Sometimes referred to as insight healing, the practice does not require any type of invasive procedure. Visualisation and focused thinking are often key components in the intuitive healing process. With the assistance of the practitioner, the patient is helped to visualise the blockage and slowly begin to break that blockage down. This may be accomplished by envisioning that the blockage is being dismantled piece by piece, or that the blockage is subjected to healing light and slowly begins to melt away. Whatever the imagery used, the end result is the energy path is clear of any obstruction once again, and the body will soon be back in balance.

60 mins – £115

Please contact us for any treatment requirements you have.


“Talking Therapy” Remote / In Person
It’s good to talk and talking therapy / counselling / coaching is extremely helpful in personal development.

Our in house therapist draws on all the different modalities she has studied and on her personal experiences to design a bespoke therapy package for you.

We all have our own journey and these treatments are to help you make the very best of yours, releasing that which no longer serves, you whilst respecting all that has shaped us.

These sessions can benefit everybody of all ages and locations and include helping to move on from or cope better with;

Anxiety, Depression, Life shocks, Terminal illness diagnosis, Life changes, Personal growth, Life skills, Personal difference acceptance, Bereavement, Trauma, Abuse

And many others in this vein. 50-80 mins – £96 – £140

Please contact us for any therapy requirements you have.


“The Encyclopedia” The Full Works

The full works! A to Z and top to toe. Spend an indulgent afternoon in our care.
A full five hours of decadence with a complimentary high tea and a large goodie box to keep up the good work.

Including :

The Guide Book – angel card readings The Dirty Book – mud treatment
Reki Healing, The Manuscript Lux facial, The Foreword hand ritual, The Postscript foot ritual, The reference book for indulgence!

5 hours – £744

“The Dictionary” The definition of luxury

This three hour package includes :

The Guide Book – angel card readings Reki Healing
The Short Story massage
The Novel facial

And high tea with our compliments to enjoy at your leisure. 3 hours – £370

Please contact us for any treatment requirements you have.

Local Attractions

Activities & Nearby Places Of Interest

Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle

A perfectly preserved 14th century castle – regularly voted one of the country’s favourites. A genuinely stunning trip back in time, with a huge army of giant Coi Carp protecting the moat to boot. Captivating. Please visit the National Trust website to read more about Bodiam Castle, and its surrounding attractions
Scotney Castle

Scotney Castle

You can happily lose yourself walking around the endless sculpted grounds of Scotney Castle.


Rudyard Kipling’s beautiful country home is opposite us in Burwash, just on the other side of the valley.
Pashley Manor

Pashley Manor

One of the finest gardens in England, just down the road from us – no image here can do justice to the wonder and beauty. Perfect for wandering through, for any ages. Visit the Pashley Manor Gardens website to read more

Dale Hill Golf Course


The beauty of the High Weald provides the backdrop for many excellent golf courses. If you’d like to know more just ask. Here are just three very close by:
Bewl Fishing


The fishing amongst the valleys of the High Weald rates as some of the best in the country. Maybe anywhere…

Roger Daltrey’s Lakedown Trout Fishery with its 20 acres of spring-fed lakes is just down the road, and Bewl Water is only 5 minutes away.

Seriously – Google “Fishing in East Sussex”.

Bewl Water Reservoir

Bewl Water Reservoir

Fishing, water sports, cycling, nature walks, kids’ activities, The Boat House Bistro, Waterfront café, and more. For full information of all that there is to do at Bewl, please go to their website.
Arena Pursuits at New House Farm Country Retreat

Arena Pursuits

Less than 10 minutes drive away, and you’re in a world of wild landscape activities, quad biking, paintballing,clay pigeon shooting, archery and more – for grown up kids and vice versa. Read more on the Arena Pursuits website.
Go Ape Bedgebury Forest

Bedgebury National Pinetum & Forest

Bedgebury Forest is ideal for cycling, walking, running and horse riding. Visit the National Pinetum, one of the world’s finest conifer collections, perfect for walks and picnics.
Safe, healthy outdoor fun for all ages and abilities.

Open all year. (Bedgebury Pinetum’s website)

Go Ape

In the heart of Bedgebury Forest, you can also find the “Go Ape” treetop adventure.
(visit GoApe website)

Annual Local Events

Bonfire Night at New House Farm Country Retreat

East Sussex Bonfire Nights

East Sussex fireworks are a must; from Lewes to Hastings, Hawkhurst to Roberstbridge, there are plenty of fantastic bonfire nights/firework evenings, usually taking place over a whole 3  months. Quite honestly, the Sussex Bonfire Societies’ events have to be seen to be believed. We are less than 10 minutes from the spectacular Hawkhurst Bonfire Society’s event. This is a must see, as is the local Robertsbridge Bonfire Society’s parade and both of their incredible fireworks displays.
Forest Lasers at New House Farm Country Retreat

Alfresco Festival

Set in nearby in Kent, this is one of the South East’s favourite boutique festivals. There is a wide range of activities to cater for festival-goers of all ages. Please visit the Alfresco Festival website for further details.