In House Retreats


Our own retreats, curated and hosted by a team with more than 20 years of experience

March Weekend

Relaxation Retreat 

Friday 4th – Monday 7th March 2022

“A wonderful, renewing experience”

“Life changing”

“A perfect introduction to retreats”

These are a few of comments from guests at our most recent retreat

The joy of relaxation – something we all share – is the beating heart of this transformational retreat.

No experience is needed of retreats, yoga, or other similar activities, to make the most of this calming and luxurious weekend in the countryside. Making the choice about whether this weekend is for you is a decision as relaxed as the weekend itself, welcoming all comers, with no preconceptions.

New House Farm is an escape to rural tranquility, surrounded by nature, untouched panoramic views, and all the home comforts needed to help discover new ways to enhance those precious moments when we can relax.

Each session is a simple key to relaxation, including yoga, gong bath sound therapy, meditation sessions, guided qigong movement, and a conscious connected breathwork session, with a full team to ensure that any journeys the mind may wish to take, are safe and calm.

A choice of holistic spa treatments, with our experienced specialists, are also included, as is the creative, bespoke plant based catering we provide throughout your stay.

This is not a retreat with strict rules. Attending sessions is up to you – although we do hope you take advantage of all the programme has to offer – and nobody is told what they may or may not bring. All you need is an open mind, and a desire to relax as deeply as you can.

“What you guys did so well was making the spiritual experiences feel accessible to those people who had never tried (or even thought about) breathwork or gong baths. I am a yogi and know how easy it is to put people off who are not inclined that way. The breathwork, gong bath and yoga, all got that just right. It made for a perfect balance of relaxing, connecting and re-energising.”



  • High end private accommodation
  • Exceptional, creative plant-based catering from Friday evening through to Monday morning.
  • Morning yoga classes
  • Conscious connected breathwork session with full team
  • Guided qijong session
  • Gong bath sound therapy session
  • Holistic therapy treatment or massage
  • Giant fire pit ceremony
  • Plenty of time out to enjoy this peaceful country landscape, relax, explore, meditate, and use all of our facilities. 

Dedicated on-site specialist teams

Key to these transformational retreats are the dedicated on site teams, who are gifted in creating a welcoming, warm and safe environment, with more than 20 years’ experience of hosting retreats, and holistic healing.

Every guest knows they are in a safe, relaxed and reassuring environment in which to simply enjoy the countryside, the divine catering and chill out, or maybe experience a deeper, more personal and internal journey of awareness.

New House Farm’s own Inner Sense Retreats are staffed at all times, day and night, by experienced therapists, and holistic healing specialists which is what makes them safe and transformational experiences. The presence throughout, of these experienced professionals, the quality of our accommodation, facilities and activities, as well as our stunning, untouched location, are some of the reasons that these different from other wellness retreats.

Passion for catering

Inner Sense Retreats are fully catered, and all inclusive. We have been working at the forefront of hospitality and catering for longer than we care to remember.

At the helm is the skilful, delightful, wonderful and unflappable Lynn – AKA Vegan Food Pimp. All cooking is entirely plant based, focused on sustainability, creativity, passion and local community.

The bespoke menus work in harmony with the retreat practices, and her creations show those unaware of the possibilities of cooking this way a whole new world – and potentially a better one.

The chefs use the finest organic produce, sourced as locally as possible. The estate is surrounded by some of the finest growers and suppliers in the country.

Lynn prepares delicious, nutritious food that will feed your soul. As a qualified holistic nutritionist, she is able to adapt to any dietary requirements.

Using foods in season, each dish is prepared with love and positive energy to ensure each plate brings a smile to everyone’s face. Cooking is love made visible!

The perfect combination of environment and experience

After many years of helping design, program and smoothly run retreats for others, the Inner Sense Retreats teams understand the needs and desires of retreat guests, who have been returning year after year.

De-stress, re-balance and restore your vitality in this relaxing, peaceful, intimate and authentic country bolthole from everyday life.

All of our accommodation is of a high end, yet understated luxury level. Expect beautiful bed linens, attention to detail and attentive but discreet service. A stay here is an experience that feeds the mind, spirit and soul. Style and comfort go hand in hand at our tranquil retreat venue, set in 12 lush, private acres of south facing, verdant valley fields, forests and riverbanks. The views surrounding New House Farm are breathtaking throughout every season.

You will find big chairs, squashy sofas, roaring fires, relaxed attitudes and most importantly, the peace and quiet of the countryside. The gardens and grounds feature many areas for relaxing, created all around the estate, to escape to for savouring this rural idyll.

The majority of rooms, buildings and other facilities are wheelchair friendly, and we are also committed to being an energy efficient and sustainable venue.



From £590 – £990 per person, with shared rooms and lodges available


If you have any questions, please do get in touch. We’d love to chat to you about your potential stay at New House Farm.